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Consultation, psychological testing, assessment and expert testimony.

I am a specialist in forensic and neuropsychological evaluations.


Consultation, neuropsychological & psychological testing, assessment and expert testimony.

Specialist in forensic and neuropsychological evaluations. I am licensed in the State of Washington since 1981, license #775. I have been in private practice in Seattle since then.

Criminal Justice Cases

I have conducted thousands of criminal justice evaluations with both adults and adolescents, with expertise in the area of diminished capacity, legal insanity, competency, decline issues, mitigation, sentencing issues, criminal culpability and various capacity issues.

Civil Cases

I have conducted thousands of civil evaluations with adult and adolescent populations that include issues of psychological personal injury, consultation on treatment and prognosis issues, sexual harassment in the workplace and related workplace issues, and assessment of anger and the potential for violence.


I have conducted well over two thousand neuropsychological evaluations in the areas of personal injury, neurological and other medical consultation, disability assessment and criminal justice issues. I work regularly with two local medical panels, Central Seattle Panel of Consultants and Integrated Medical Panel, as well as occasional work for other IME panels. I’m a service provider for Department of Labor and Industries, Social Security Administration and DSHS for neuropsychological assessment.


I have over twenty-five years of practice in both civil and criminal justice arenas.  I have been cited in case law in the area of Diminished Capacity.  I have worked for both defense and prosecutors across the State of Washington.  I have conducted more than five hundred evaluations in homicide cases, and more than fifty evaluations in which the defendants were under the age of sixteen and as young as eleven.

I have worked in the field of neuropsychology since the 1970’s I was trained with Dr. Ralph Reitan in his lab and at the University of Washington.  During the course of my career I have served as a consulting psychologist for Valley Medical Center, Providence Seattle and Stevens Hospital.

I have conducted training for psychologists, psychiatrists and attorneys in the field of forensic psychology since the mid 1980’s.  I have consulted on cases in Washington, Oregon, Montana, Colorado and Washington, DC during the course of my work.

I do not provide treatment in the normal course of my practice.